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We are committed to providing you with superior music productions,
modest professional sensations and extraordinary customized interpretations. ♬

    Our artistic team offers personalized service for melodizing, planning and performing the superior musical menu for your episode and enhances your style while creating the mystique you need.
    We pride ourselves on the highest level of musicianship. From solo to a small orchestra, we offer diversity of ensembles to suit your demands. Our incredible Instrumental Combination and Music Catalogues have demonstrated a variety of styles.


    With over ten years extensive working experience, Kitty Leung has written hundreds of melodious songs ranging from classical to Broadway music. She and her fellow musicians have earned wide respect for their professionalism.
    Our Live Band Shows are fabulous. Yet our rates are reasonable and affordable. We can adapt our band size as required to fit your budget or event.

Kitty Music PRO is an essential part of the special day ...

We are looking forward to being a part of your special celebration!

... Please feel free to contact us.

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