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This website is created and designed by Kitty Leung's big brother, Ming Kan Leung. It is our pleasure to meet you all and is really a great honor to have this opportunity to introduce our Website and our Web Designer.


One question is often asked: why do you live? A philosopher said that the longing for knowledge was one of the reasons to live. Of course it is also one of Ming Kan Leung's reasons to live. It is good for him to realize his dreams, especially in this modern competitive society. Moreover, his University has a good reputation on a variety of aspects that many outstanding professors have the strong scientific research power. That is why he chooses to have further learning in North America.



Ming Kan Leung is an intelligent, capable and hard-working person. He would set his heart and do his best to finish anything he is interested in, no matter how difficult the job is. He found the Internet very interesting, so he learned web design laboriously, and he was one of the first students who owned a website in his school. Building websites is now his favourite hobby. He was working as a Computer Support Analyst. He has several computer professional certificates and has built several big websites. The years of working experience offer him a good chance to give full play to his creativity and intelligence. So if anyone is interested in computer and building a website, please let him know.



We really appreciate him for volunteering his time to build this website since our musicians are busy at the musical field. This gorgeous and fully functional website has certainly helped us to build a good relationship with the general public. As for this achievement, the creativity of our web designer is greatly affirmed.


We also specially appreciate the other people who helped us built this website.  Thanks for all contributors' helps.

Thank you for your attention! 




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