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Frequently Asked Questions List *

Frequently Asked Questions List

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About Rates:

Q: How much does it cost if you perform at our event?
Q: How much deposit do we need? When should we give you the service fee?
Q: Are there travel expenses for our show?
Q: What happens if our event takes place in two locations?
Q: Other than the rates you quoted, are there any other costs?
Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
Q: Your price is more than we have expected... Are you really sure about that price?

About Rates
About Bookings


About Bookings:

Q: What are your booking policies?
Q: We decide to hire you for our event. What are the steps?
Q: We have an event but it is not in Hong Kong. Can we still book you?
Q: How far in advance do we need to contact you to reserve your services?

Q: Do you have any minimum booking time?
Q: Can we see you play before we book you?
Q: Can we book more than one group for our event?
Q: Do we need to meet you personally to plan our event?
Q: Will you perform if our event takes longer time than planned?
Q: How do we find out if you are available for our date?
Q: Can you hold the date for me?
Q: Who should we contact if we have any questions regarding our contract?


About Ensembles:

Q: Why should we have live music at our event?
Q: What kind of current music do you play?

Q: What events can you play for?
Q: Will you play for our ceremony?
Q: Do you have a song list?
Q: Do you play songs that are not listed on your repertoire list? Can you play a special request song?

Q: How do we select music ourselves... especially if we do not know much about music?
Q: Can we request different instruments to the ensembles?
Q: There is no electricity available at the venue. Can you perform without power?

Q: Does the band perform outdoors?
Q: What volume does your band perform at? We are worried your band might be too loud for our guests.
Q: How many breaks do you take and how long are they?
Q: We really like music. Which ensemble do you recommend to us?


About Musicians


About Musicians:

Q: Does your band have experience? How can we be assured of the quality of the band if we are to engage it for our event?
Q: How many musicians will be in the band?
Q: Will we get the same musicians we see on the website?
Q: Do we need to provide meals for the musicians at our event?
Q: How will the band be dressed?
Q: Do you have vocalists in your band?
Q: Will you play for our vocalist?
Q: What if we want people to dance?
Q: Will you perform with guest instrumentalists in our wedding?



About Setups:

Q: Do we need to supply any equipment for the band?
Q: Do we need to book for the set up time as well?
Q: Do you charge for time spent setting up, or packing up?
Q: How much time do you need for set up?
Q: When do the musicians pack up?
Q: Who decides what music will be played, and when?

About Setups


Frequently Asked Questions ListFrequently Asked Questions List

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