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Q: What are your booking policies?


A: To view our booking policies please click here.



Q: We decide to hire you for our event. What are the steps?


  1. When the date, time and location of your event are known, you can book us.
  2. If you would like to book us for your event, all you have to do is to browse our Website and fill up our Booking Inquiry/Quote Form and we will give you a custom quote.
  3. We will contact you to check the availability, and send you a contract for you to sign.
  4. Please sign the contract and mail it back to us along with the deposit.
  5. We will issue a receipt to you. When you receive the confirmation receipt, please check the details carefully and inform us immediately if anything is incorrect.
  6. Meanwhile we will keep in touch with you to make sure all of those details are taken care of.



Q: We have an event but it is not in Hong Kong. Can we still book you?


A: Our band is based in Hong Kong, but we can perform throughout the surrounding areas as well, including Macau and Pearl River Delta of China. The majority of our work is in the Southern Guangdong area. However, we love to travel and perform in new places. We can do performances anywhere if the price is right.



Q: How far in advance do we need to contact you to reserve your services?


A: As soon as the time and location of your event are known, you can contact us. We suggest you to book sooner rather than later, as you can avoid disappointment and will have better chances for us to play for your event. We accept booking as late as one day before the event, so it is never too late to call to check availability.


We currently have bookings close to a year in advance. We do not want you to book too far ahead to protect our integrity. If you are interested in a date more than a year away, you can still let us know and we can keep you informed about our status for that date.



Q: Do you have any minimum booking time?


A: We do have an one hour minimum booking time. If you are planning an elaborate celebration, it would be better to book a longer time frame.



Q: Can we see you play before we book you?


A: Yes, you can download any of the photos or videos on the Past Performance of our website. Of course you can come to see us performing live public shows.



Q: Can we book more than one group for our event?


A: Yes, you can. We have ensembles to suit every segment of your event. If you desire a quartet with flutes, violin and cello for your wedding ceremony and a saxophone solo for your reception, it is certainly our pleasure to serve you.



Q: Do we need to meet you personally to plan our event?


A: Usually this is not necessary, as very often communication can be done by email, over the phone, or regular mail. However, if you find it important with a face-to-face meeting to organize the music for your event, arrangements can definitely be made with Kitty to discuss and confirm the choice of personalized music.



Q: Will you perform if our event takes longer time than planned?


A: There is usually no problem to arrange some extra time on the night of a performance. However, if you think there is a chance that you may run late, we encourage you to book us for enough time in the initial quote as we cannot absolutely guarantee we will be available for the extra time. You can also avoid paying overtime charges.



Q: How do we find out if you are available for our date?


A: The best way to find out if we are available for your date is to fill up our Booking Inquiry/Quote Form in the website and we can usually let you know within 48 hours.



Q: Can you hold the date for me?


A: When you request for a quote, your name is being recorded but the date will not be held for you. Your date will be held only if the contract and deposit are returned to us. We sometimes get multiple enquiries about the same date and we usually confirm the date with the first client who sends us the contract and deposit.



Q: Who should we contact if we have any questions regarding our contract?


A: Please call Kitty at (852)95020720 or email at


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