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Q: Why should we have live music at our event?


A: Live band music is not only LIVE, but it also makes your occasion really unique and special. You may download a lot of MP3 music for playing in the venue, however, our live band can create the beat of power and sensation. Our remarkable band will make your event truly unforgettable because we have the ability to get the support of the audiences.


We have many years of experience tailoring any event, and the music at your event will sound much better than the music clips. You do not have to worry about the music at all.



Q: What kind of current music do you play?


A: The band performs a great stylistic variety of selections including: light classical, well-known Jazz and Pop. We work with you to pick music that best suits your particular preferences and we will tailor the programme to match your day and your guests.



Q: What events can you play for?


A: Wedding, Private Party, Corporate Event, Public Show, or anything else you desire. For more details, please visit Our Service.



Q: Will you play for our ceremony?


A: Certainly! We often perform in ceremonies with flute and horn. We will work with you to plan your event music, and we are glad to play customized music.



Q: Do you have a song list?


A: We have a suggested repertoire.



Q: Do you play songs that are not listed on your repertoire list? Can you play a special request song?


A: Absolutely! Our repertoire list is not comprehensive, but we will endeavour to perform any specially requested songs that are not currently in the list. We have performed many special songs and will totally be amenable to play your requested music. If your favourite music is not listed on our song list page, please contact Kitty! We are usually able to make an arrangement of your desired music and will look forward to addressing your questions.


The sooner we receive your requested music the easier it will be for us to learn your music. Any specific song requests that are not on our suggested repertoire list would need to be made at least 2 weeks before the performance date. We need the time to arrange your song. The fee may be varied depending on the music score, the instrumentation, the complexity and the length of the song.



Q: How do we select music ourselves... especially if we do not know much about music?


A: Your taste is essential in deciding what music you want played at every stage of your event. If you are not familiar with the music titles, please do not worry. We have compiled a list of the most common selections for each part of events. You can listen to some short clips of music on the website and pay attention to the category of events you are planning.



Q: Can we request different instruments to the ensembles?


A: Yes. We can play flute, violin, cello, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet and piano. The suggested instruments deliberate the popular ensembles. However we are quite adaptable to use other western instruments as we know how to play most of them. Please let us know if you have favourite instruments you would like us to play, and we will endeavour to offer you some replacement options for your featured instruments in your event. We are flexible to your special requests.



Q: There is no electricity available at the venue. Can you perform without power?


A: Yes. We have some acoustic instruments that do not require electricity.



Q: Does the band perform outdoors?


A: We do perform outdoors, but the weather conditions need to be perfect. Our fragile musical instruments must be protected, so we obviously will NOT play either in the most extremes of temperatures, or when there is a slight chance of precipitation. We recommend the performing stage have a fully protected shelter for sunny or raining situations.


We strongly recommend that you have an indoor location as a backup in case the weather conditions change unexpectedly. We will not refund any fees for cancellation due to the weather.



Q: What volume does your band perform at? We are worried your band might be too loud for our guests.


A: The band will generally keep its music volume at a comfortable level. We believe that good music doesn't need to be loud. Our music should never overwhelm your guest hearings. We will ensure that the volume is  suited to the room size, the style of venue, the number of guests, etc.


We are proficient at tailoring volume levels to suit your audiences so there is certainly no problem to quickly make adjustments if required. Likewise, we encourage you to let us know your volume preference during our tuning time.



Q: How many breaks do you take and how long are they?


A: In a typical 3-hour to 5-hour block, we generally take 2-4 breaks of about 10-20 minutes every hour of performance. We are flexible with breaks and will work around your schedule. We endeavour to take breathers at rational periods during the event, such as main course dinner, speeches and between dancings.


The idea is to play as much live music as possible, so you will always feel like live music is uninterrupted. If you have any special requests we will gladly accommodate.



Q: We really like music. Which ensemble do you recommend to us?


A: The size of the room and the size of the party are usually the elements to select ensemble for your event while budget is also an element you have to consider. In general, a quartet is highly recommended for outdoor settings or larger venues while a solo or duo is most effective in a setting where the party is confined to a small room and you don't have a lot of guests.


Generally speaking, we would recommend the quartet for any public or private function. A quartet consists of flutes, violin and cello, and is the richest sound of the ensembles. It gives a feeling of fullness and thickness and the harmonies are much more beautiful. The sound is much louder with a quartet and every guest at every corner will be able to hear our music. The duo does not carry music very well in such situation. As for an event of more than 80 people, you probably need to consider a quartet.


If you are not sure which would be best for you, we will advise you to take into consideration of a trio because it is usually the safest ensemble to choose. A trio, which provides about 80% of the sound of a quartet, can easily adapt to any area either small or large. A trio can either be a flute ,violin and piano or two flutes and piano. The trio can perform almost the same musical repertoire in the quartet at a lower price.


A duo simply means two musical instruments, that is, two flutes or a violin and a flute. It generates only about 30% the sound of a quartet, because the arrangements cannot make up for the loss of four part harmony with only two instruments.


A soloist is one person who performs any of our instruments. A solo has a stark, quaint and simple sounding, but can be very lovely for a small venue.


On the other hand, you may consider adding a vocalist to your party. This also is an opportunity for us to sing and play your favourite songs.


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