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Q: Does your band have experience? How can we be assured of the quality of the band if we are to engage it for our event?


A: We are blessed to say that music is our full time job and our pastime. We have been performing in the Pearl River Delta of China since 2005. We have excellent reputations and experiences for providing superior and professional music for thousands of audiences.


Consequently, we get a lot of positive feedbacks praising our professionalism and commitment to every performance. We know what it takes to have a successful occasion and know what music works best with each crowd. You can be rest assured knowing that you are in good hands and so you can rely on our musicians to do a great job on the stage.



Q: How many musicians will be in the band at our event?


A: The band will be comprised of five members. We generally perform many of our events as a quartet, but we can easily scale down to a solo, or scale up to a small orchestra to integrate other instruments into our group. It is definitely possible to arrange your event as a solo or duet to perform background music.


The five-piece band will satisfy most of our clients' needs. However, some clients may choose to add a flute or vocalist to the band to enrich the sound. We can add vocalists and other instruments (e.g. saxophone, trumpet) if you wish. Every one of us in the band sings well and we make a great 4-part harmony. Just tell us what music you desire, Kitty will find the best combinations for your event and we will do an amazing job for you.



Q: Will we get the same musicians we see on the website?


A: The band has the high quality musicians as you see in our website. However, all of our members may not be available at the same time because we do engage in teaching music lesson on weekdays. We will do our best to attend your event. But if a few core musicians are not available, we will find qualified musicians to take their places. We only employ musicians who have standards similar to ours and have played with us.



Q: Do we need to provide meals for the musicians at our event?


A: We always appreciate someone who asks us this question. As a kindness, you are only required to provide the musicians a basic meal for longer sessions. If the event is a buffet and you welcome us to partake provisions, we would appreciate being able to have a bit to eat during one of our breaks. Most venues have meals for their staffs, and we do not mind taking the same meals as the staffs.


Please do not feel obligated to provide food for us for formal occasions or sit-down dinners. Basic beverage refreshments should be available to keep the band hydrated. This will help us keep our energy at optimal status during your event.



Q: How will the band be dressed?


A: Your event is special. The ensemble will take care to be suitably dressed for the occasion and we will dress in a professional manner. Unless otherwise instructed, the gentlemen will wear ties, tuxedos or dark suits, and the ladies will wear long classy clothes, usually all black or black and white. We will discuss this with you in advance and will be happy to accommodate.



Q: Do you have vocalists in your band?

A: Yes, we do have vocalists. If you need our vocalists, please indicate in the Booking Inquiry/Quote Form



Q: Will you play for our vocalist?


A: Yes, we do occasionally perform with either a male or a female vocalist on stage. But there are few things you should know. If the gathering is formal, it usually incurs an additional charge because we require rehearsal time and special arrangements between our band and your vocalist. If the gathering is for fun and casual, just tell us the preference of the vocalist and your guest is welcome to sing with the band. However, we do not generally recommend more than one vocalist on the same stage.



Q: What if we want people to dance?


A: Yes. There is no problem at all in keeping the people dancing throughout the night. We can play party background music and provide the musical atmosphere for people who love good live music!



Q: Will you perform with guest instrumentalists in our wedding?


A: In most cases yes. If your friend or your relative is going to perform for your guests, we can also be your accompaniment. We would rather not be surprised by this request the day of the wedding that some clients have a friend or relative who would like to perform with the band. This is definitely a fun treat and memorable episode since everyone in the event knows the person performing. Rehearsal time and special arrangements are required and these usually incur additional charges.




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