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Q: Do we need to supply any equipment for the band?


  • We will bring our own equipment, including instruments, music bags, stands. We do not bring piano or electric piano. If there is a piano at the venue, we would love to use it.
  • Our standard packages do not come with lightings and full sound systerm, but they can be hired by the band.
  • If it is a public event, we need a place to store our belongings and our instruments.
  • We can play at the same level with the guests as it tends to be more intimate.
  • We need a space of approximately 8 ft. x 10 ft. for each musician.
  • We need an armless straight chair for each musician.
  • We need shades if we are outdoors.
  • We need adequate lighting if we are playing indoors. Please also make sure there is a nearby electric outlet for music stand lights.



Q: Do we need to book for the set up time as well?


A: You do not need to book for the set up and pack up time. The time frame you book is the hours we will play.



Q: Do you charge for time spent setting up, or packing up?


A: No, we do not charge you for set up or pack up time.



Q: How much time do you need for set up?


A: The band will generally arrive at the venue about 90 minutes before your event begins to get all our equipment ready. We require about one hour to complete our set up and about 30 minutes to pack up after performing. We will give you peace of mind that our sound checks will be completed about 15 minutes before the event that there would not be any disturbances after your guests arrive.



Q: When do the musicians pack up?


A: We pack up after the performance. In order not to disturb your guests, we prefer to pack our equipment at an alternate place. Please make sure to provide the place for us.



Q: Who decides what music will be played, and when?


A: You can participate in the decision making process of what music will be played. Some clients ask us to make the selections for them and trust in our capability. Some other clients know exactly what they want and tell us what songs they would like or ask us to purchase the music scores. Nevertheless, we are happy to adapt to your style and to work with you to choose your music.


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