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Introduction to Kitty Music PRO

Kitty Music PRO is a leading professional artistic company in Hong Kong, Macau and the Pearl River Delta of China. Our band has an excellent reputation as one of Southern Guangdong's premier variety music event bands. We devote to provide a complete music performing solution to our clients. Our service is ideal for music preparation, music performance and consultation.


All along, our musicians use the most farsighted, attentive, intimate and professional music services to meet every subtlety of the circumstance. We create luxurious and elegant musical interpretations. We pride ourselves in bringing our excitement and enthusiasm to enrich your special day, which should be a festivity of your life. Your party will be filled with the most gorgeous smiles of friends and families.


All of our team members have extensive working experience in musical area. To get more details about our band, please read our performers biographies.

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Q: We have an event but it's not in Hong Kong. Can we still book you?


A: Our band is based in Hong Kong, but we can perform throughout the surrounding areas...Read more



Our Mission

The mission of Kitty Music PRO is to provide top quality professional live music, offer glaring performances that can retain an impressive and flawless memory to our audiences.


Our Slogan is "Your Desires, Our Creations". With our past experience of live music projects, we have demonstrated incredible settings and perfect arrangements for every job. Our clients appreciate our best quality, decent style, professionalism and musical integrity. We pride ourselves in making every event most memorable.



Our Commitment

Kitty Music PRO is committed to providing you with superior music productions, modest professional sensations and extraordinary customized interpretations.


Our commitment has contemplated the precision of our artistic jobs while we bring up all creative approaches to realistic instrumental performances. With over 15 years  teaching music experiences, we have strengthened the character of interpretations.



Our Guarantee

We guarantee

  1. Our musicianship is experienced.
  2. Our service is completely professional.
  3. Our stage costume is appropriate for your events. 



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