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Looking for a music band to enhance your business identity and professionalism on a magnific commercial function?
Yes, we can help.


Our band performs upscale and elegant live music for your Employee Gathering, Commercial Promotion, Corporate Event, Large Convention, Grand Opening, Cocktail Reception, Fundraiser, Award Ceremony and more.


We will offer personalized client service prior to the event to help you plan your occasion. We will focus on your company’s goals in this event. We will help your company promotion campaign and corporate image.


As for any company, promoting a new product or service requires making a good impression from the start. Choosing Kitty Music PRO to provide background music for such an occasion may be one of the best decisions. We provide your attendees with entertainment as well as a good impression for a black-tie event even if your discriminating music audiences are sitting in between.


We welcome any kind of commercial cooperation or sponsors according to your requirement to promote your company and products. 



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