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Looking for a wedding band to play romantic and graceful music for your big day?
Yes, we can help.


Our band performs romantic live music for your Wedding Ceremony, Church Wedding, Wedding Party, and more. Kitty is particularly experienced in church music for weddings. Currently she is the pianist with Shatin Baptist Church and serves as a music tutor for its choir.


It is the most important day of your life and distinctly the biggest banquet you ever have. One of the key factors to cast an amazing party is to have an awesome entertainment. We will make a glorious interpretation to your wedding, which is particularly important for both of you.


A wedding party is made up of many sections which require different types of music. We will customize your music selections, enhancing them to the grand feeling of your wedding banquet. We will create an ambiance of outstanding lifetime memories for you, your lover, your relatives and your guests. 


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