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Suggested Instrumental Combinations

With our performance experience in live event music, Kitty Music PRO is pleased to provide a great variety of music interpret combinations to fit your specific needs ranging from solo instrument, flute duet, string trio, quartet to a small orchestra.


If you have composed your melodies, we will arrange into the instrumental version and perform on stage.



Kitty Music PRO's Service Plans


Magnificent Plan

Quartet ****
  1. 2 Flutes + Violin + Cello
  2. Flute + Saxophone + Cello + Piano
  3. Flute + Violin + Cello + Piano
Special Plan

Trio ***
  1. Flute + Cello + Piano
  2. Violin + Cello + Piano
  3. Saxophone + Cello + Piano
  4. 2 Flutes + Piano
  5. Flute + Clarinet + Piano
Romantic Plan

Duet **
  1. Saxophone/Violin/Flute/Cello/Trumpet/Clarinet + Piano
  2. Violin + Cello
  3. 2 Flutes
Moderate Plan

Solo *
  1. Piano
  2. Saxophone
  3. Clarinet
  4. Violin
  5. Flute
  6. Trumpet
Customized Ensemble Plan
  • Suggestions for all other instruments or combinations
    are welcome.



Plan Descriptions

Magnificent Plan (Quartet)

**** Four or more musicians attend. Our premier and most popular ensemble provides a full sound effect. The quartet is able to play in all styles from our complete repertoire for indoor or outdoor occasions. It is also able to create the most distinctive style. The musical preferences range from classical to Broadway music. It is highly recommended for any public or private function with large size gatherings. Please click here to watch our past performance video demo.


Special Plan (Trio)

***  At least three musicians attend. The reason it is called "Special Plan" is that the trio can perform almost the same musical repertoire in the quartet at a lower price. The sound volume is slightly lower than the strings quartet, but good for any celebration with limited budget or in smaller areas. Please click here to go to our Macau performance photo album.


Romantic Plan (Duet)

** At least two musicians attend. Do you feel the solo monotonous and do not mind spending a little more? No problem. The Romantic Plan can help you. The duet music is more abundant than the solo. It creates a relaxing and happy mood, and brings out a grand ambiance.


Moderate Plan (Solo)

* At least one musician attends. Ideal only for more intimate and small size gatherings of fewer than 36 guests.  The solo can generate an intimate ambiance. You can spend the least amount of money, and experience the live performance happily with your close friends and relatives. Please click here to go to our past piano performance pictures.


Customized Ensemble Plan

We welcome suggestions on all other instruments or combinations, like adding any instrument and/or vocalist to create your own customized ensemble.

Q&A Tips
for Clients


Q: We really like music. Which ensemble do you recommend to us?


A: The venue consideration is usually one of the elements to select ensemble for your event...


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Service Charge

Our rates are competitive and comparable to other professional ensembles.

Service rates vary according to the size of the band, length of the performance, location you have chosen and special music arrangements.

Based on your unique event and your request given, we are happy to provide you with an instant, free, no obligation price quote.

Our quoted price may not be a final price. The suggested price could be negotiated.

We are only too pleased if you fill up the Quote Form or contact us for our package rates and for your personalized pricing details.

To know how our booking system works, please read Booking Policies & Conditions & FAQs.



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