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The song titles below are our extensive music library.

You can pick some of them and we will do wonderful musical performances to satisfy your honourable guests' tastes.


1. Joplin – The Entertainer

2. In the Mood

3. All that jazz (Chicago)

4. Take five

5. Forever in Love

6. Going Home

7. Songbird

8. Summertime

9. Theme from Rhapsody in Blue

10. Theme from American in Paris

11. La cumparista

12. Libratango

13. The Pink Panther

14. 13 Jours en France

15. New York New York

16. Boogie Woogie for elephant

17. Habanera

18. Scent of Woman

19. What a wonderful world

20. Oye Como Va

21. Mango walk

22. Tico Tico no Fuba



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